Table 1: Demographic and baseline parameter details of the studies included in the meta-analysis.

Study/yearCountryIntervention lengthPopulationSettingSources of anthocyaninSample sizeDesignAnthocyanin doseTC, mg/dL (mean ± SD)TG, mg/dL (mean ± SD)LDL, mg/dL (mean ± SD)

Yang et al., 2017 [10]China12 wkUntreated diabetesOCapsule Medox (17 natural anthocyanins)8080R, D, P80 mg
Zhang et al. 2016 [11]ChinaWk (12, 24)HypocholesterolemicICapsule7373R, D, P320 mg--
Zhang et al., 2015 [12]China12 wkNonalcoholic fatty liver diseaseIBilberry, black current7474R, D, P80 mg
Li et al., 2015 [13]China24 wkDiabeticICapsule Medox (17 natural anthocyanins)2929R, D, P80 mg
Davinelli et al., 2015 [14]Italy4 wkSmokersOCapsule (Maqui berry extract)1626R, D, P273.5 mg
Lynn et al., 2014 [15]UK6 wkHealthy adultOTart cherry juice2521R, D, P162 mg----
Soltani et al., 2014 [17]Iran4 wkHyperlipidemic patientsIFresh ripe berries of V. arctostaphylos2525R, D, P90 mg
Hassellund et al., 2013 [18]New York12 wkPrehypertensive menIBilberry, black current2626R, D, P500 mg------
Zhu et al., 2013 [19]China24 wkHypocholesterolemicOAnthocyanin rich foods7373R, D, P320 mg--
Zhu et al., 2011 [20]China12 wkHypocholesterolemicOBilberry, black current7373R, D, P320 mg--
Dohadwala et al., 2011 [21]Boston4 hrCoronary artery diseaseICranberry juice2222R, D, P94 mg
Basu et al., 2010 [22]Oklahoma8 wkMetabolic syndromeIBilberry2522R, D, P320 mg------
Mu et al., 2010 [23]China12 wkHyperlipidemic patientsI3028R, P200 mg
Curtis et al., 2009 [24]UK12 wkHealthy womenIElderberry2626R, D, P500 mg
Qin et al., 2009 [25]China12 wkDyslipidemic patientsICapsule Medox (17 natural anthocyanins)6060R, D, P80 mg
Qin and Wenhua 2008 [26]China45 daysHyperlipidemic patientsIBlack rice5151R, P200 mg--
Karlsen et al., 2007 [27]Norway3 wkHealthy adultsOCapsule Medox (17 natural anthocyanins)5959R, D, P300 mg------


Study/yearCountryHDL, mg/dL (mean ± SD)Apolipoprotein A-1, mg/dL (mean ± SD)Apolipoprotein B, mg/dL (mean ± SD)Serum TNF-a, pg/mLSerum IL-6, pg/mLSerum hs-CRP, mg/L

Yang et al., 2017 [10]China
Zhang et al. 2016 [11]China------1.74 (0.86–2.6)2.19 (0.93–3.82)
Zhang et al., 2015 [12]China----------
Li et al., 2015 [13]China
Davinelli et al., 2015 [14]Italy--------
Lynn et al., 2014 [15]UK------------
Soltani et al., 2014 [17]Iran--------
Hassellund et al., 2013 [18]New York------------
Zhu et al., 2013 [19]China--------
Zhu et al., 2011 [20]China------
Dohadwala et al., 2011 [21]Boston--------
Basu et al., 2010 [22]Oklahoma------------
Mu et al., 2010 [23]China----------
Curtis et al., 2009 [24]UK----
Qin et al., 2009 [25]China------
Qin and Wenhua 2008 [26]China----------
Karlsen et al., 2007 [27]Norway----------

TC: total cholesterol, TG: triglyceride, LDL: low density lipoprotein, HDL: high density lipoprotein, O: outpatients, I: outpatients, R: randomized, D: double blind, and P: parallel trial.