Chinese Journal of Engineering / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Numerical Evaluations of Functionally Graded RC Slabs

Table 4

Properties adopted to simulate the nonlinear behavior.

PP0.5PP1PP2SS0.5SS1SS2PS0.5 and SP0.5PS1 and SP1PS2 and SP2

Poisson’s ratio ()
Initial Young’s modulus (GPa)18.4218.4218.4218.4218.4218.4218.4218.4218.4218.421515
Compressive strength (MPa)49.3655.545.2746.9168.4469.3249.3646.949.3646.949.3646.9
Maximum number of cracks in an integration point (IP)222222222
Parameter defining the mode I fracture energy available to the new crack ()222222222
Shear retention factor (exponential)222222222
Crack band-width, AiAiAiAiAiAiAiAiAi
Threshold angle 303030303030303030