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Case Report

Biliary Adenofibroma with Invasive Carcinoma: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Table 1

Clinical and pathologic features of biliary adenofibromata reported in the literature.

YearAge/sexTumor sizeKi67%Associated malignancyFollow-up

Tsui et al. [1]199374/F7 cmNot performedNo

Parada et al. [9]199749/F7 cmNot performedNo

Akin and Coskun [2]200225/M20 cmNot performedYesPulmonary metastasis 3 years after initial diagnosis

Haberal et al. [3]200121/M25 cmNot performedNo

Garduño-López [10]200268/F6 cmNot performedNo50-month follow-up

Varnholt et al. [4]200347/F16 cmKi67: low stromal component negativeNo3-year follow-up

Gurrera et al. [11]201079/M5.5 cmKi67 1% stromal and epithelialNo7-year follow-up

Kai et al. [5]201240/M7 cmKi67 5–10%Unclassified multicystic biliary tumor

Nguyen et al. [6]201253/F6.5 cmNot performedYes12-month follow-up no recurrence

Godambe et al. (present case) 201371/F5.7 cmKi67 50% epithelial componentYes