Case Reports in Pathology / 2021 / Article / Fig 3

Case Report

Cutaneous Coinfection of Cytomegalovirus and Mycobacterium chelonae Accelerated by Immunosuppression

Figure 3

A large nodular and indurated skin lesion with multiple ulcers ((a) gross appearance, (b) H&E, low-powered view, and (c) H&E, high-powered view of the dermis). Multiple ulcers, 2–3 cm in size, are formed in the irregular-shaped reddish induration (a). The third biopsy specimen reveals diffuse inflammatory infiltration in the dermis through subcutaneous tissue (b). Suppurative granuloma (abscess surrounded by epithelioid granuloma) is scattered in the lesion (c). No CMV inclusions are observed any longer.