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Dataset Papers in Geosciences
Volume 2013, Article ID 946431, 4 pages
Dataset Paper

A Database for Long-Term Atmosphere-Surface Transfer Monitoring in Salento Peninsula (Southern Italy)

1Unità Organizzativa di Supporto di Lecce, Istituto di Scienze dell’Atmosfera e del Clima, ISAC-CNR, Via Monteroni, 73100 Lecce, Italy
2Ripartizione Informatica, Università del Salento, Viale Gallipoli 49, 73100 Lecce, Italy

Received 22 March 2012; Accepted 17 April 2012

Academic Editors: I. J. Beverland, T. Hussein, and S. Takahama

Copyright © 2013 P. Martano et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


The micrometeorological base of ISAC-CNR in Lecce, southeast of Italy, has been active since 2002, in collecting experimental data about surface-atmosphere transfer of momentum heat and water vapour. It operates in a suburban site inside the Salento University campus and has been improved along the past years in terms of active sensors to give a quite complete description of the soil-atmosphere vertical transfer. It is composed by a 16 m mast with fast response (eddy correlation) instrumentation and an ancillary automatic meteorological station collecting also soil data at 2 levels of depth. Fast response data are preprocessed in half-hour averaged satistics and stored in a web database. At present, the Lecce database is also a pilot reference structure for the Climate Change Section of the CNR-DTA GIIDA project (Integrated and Interoperative Management of Environmental Data project, Earth and Environment Department, National Research Council), aimed to build a spatial data infrastructure between different CNR-DTA structures collecting environmental data. It is also a data provider for the Hymex project database (Hydrological Mediterranean Experiment).