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Dataset Papers in Geosciences
Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 946431, 4 pages
Dataset Paper

A Database for Long-Term Atmosphere-Surface Transfer Monitoring in Salento Peninsula (Southern Italy)

1Unità Organizzativa di Supporto di Lecce, Istituto di Scienze dell’Atmosfera e del Clima, ISAC-CNR, Via Monteroni, 73100 Lecce, Italy
2Ripartizione Informatica, Università del Salento, Viale Gallipoli 49, 73100 Lecce, Italy

Received 22 March 2012; Accepted 17 April 2012

Academic Editors: I. J. Beverland, T. Hussein, and S. Takahama

This dataset has been dedicated to the public domain using the CC0 waiver.



Dataset Item 1 (Table). The enclosed dataset is a one-year (2011) sample from the complete dataset of the web database. The data are rounded up according to the accuracy of each measurement sensor that can be considered about five times the last significant digit in the dataset, with the exception of the precipitation data in which uncertainty is twice the last digit. However, for eddy covariance measurements, the statistical uncertainty can be much greater than the sensor accuracy [47, 12]. After Date and Local Solar Time (end of the measurement period), the dataset contains the columns of half-hour averaged variables in the following order. Wind Direction was measured at 14 m height above ground, in degrees clockwise from north (manufacturer calibration); Soil Heat Flux, 2 cm depth underground (manufacturer calibration); Potential Temperature Flux, 14 m height above the ground (manufacturer calibration); and Water Vapour Flux, 14 m height above ground (manufacturer calibration). Precipitation Amount was measured in millimeter, half-hour total (manufacturer calibration), and Atmospheric Pressure was measured in hectopascal (manufacturer calibration). Net Radiation was measured at 2 m height above ground from Rebs net radiometer (on-site calibration); Reynolds Stress, 14 m height (manufacturer calibration); Air Temperature, 14 m height (manufacturer calibration); Soil Temperature, 2 cm depth underground (manufacturer calibration); Relative Humidity, 14 m height above ground in percentage of the saturation value (on-site calibration); Soil Moisture, 2 cm underground (on-site calibration); and Wind Speed, 14 m height above ground (manufacturer calibration). The number −9999 in the dataset identifies missing or invalid data.

  • Column 1: Date
  • Column 2: Local Solar Time
  • Column 3: Wind Direction (°)
  • Column 4: Soil Heat Flux (W m−2)
  • Column 5: Potential Temperature Flux (m K s−1)
  • Column 6: Water Vapour Flux (g s−1 m−2)
  • Column 7: Precipitation Amount (mm)
  • Column 8: Atmospheric Pressure (hPa)
  • Column 9: Net Radiation (W m−2)
  • Column 10: Reynolds Stress (m2 s−2)
  • Column 11: Air Temperature (° K)
  • Column 12: Soil Temperature (° K)
  • Column 13: Relative Humidity (%)
  • Column 14: Soil Moisture (m3 m−3)
  • Column 15: Wind Speed (m s−1)