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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy
Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 59-63

Endoscopic Diagnostic System Using Autofluorescence

Product Development Department Endoscope Division, Olympus Optical Co., Ltd., 2951 Ishikawa-cho Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-8507, Japan

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A fluorescence imaging system (Xillix LIFE – Lung Fluorescence Endoscopy system) using fluorescence for the accurate diagnosis and early detection of lesions through an endosocope has been developed. This system has applied an optical diagnostic technology to functionally diagnose lesions which have been difficult to morphologically recognize or are occult with conventional endoscope. The benefit of this system in the diagnosis of lung cancer has already been confirmed in the US and Japan, and feasibility of the system in the gastric intestinal field has also been evaluated.