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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy
Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 105-112

Autofluorescence Detection of Bronchial Tumors With the D-Light/AF

1Clinic for Pneumology, Fachklinik München – Gauting, Robert-Koch-Allee 2, Gauting D-82131, Germany
2Division of Pneumology, Department of Medicine, Klinikum Innenstadt, University of Munich, Germany
3Laser Research Institute, Department of Urology, University of Munich, Germany

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We present a newly developed diagnostic system combining a conventional light source (white light mode and two different fluorescence excitation modes), a bronchoscope and optionally a highly sensitive camera (Baumgartner et al., Photochem. Photobiol. 1987; 46(5): 759–763). Routine diagnostics can be performed with the autofluorescence bronchoscopy (AFB) and the white light bronchoscopy (WLB) in one diagnostic procedure. The image is visible directly with the naked eye. The system was evaluated in a pilot study including 60 patients. Two hundred and sixty-four biopsies were taken to detect premalignant and malignant findings (Stanzel et al., Contribution to 10th World Congress for Bronchology, June 1998). The sensitivity of the combination of WLB and AFB was 2.8 times higher than that of the conventional WLB. The specificity decreased from 94% (WLB) to 89% (WLB + AFB). The results of this preliminary pilot study are being confirmed in a multicenter study, which will begin at seven European centers.