Figure 5: (a) Method to adjust flexible port length outside the body: after completing the setting of the flexible port to the rectal wall, the portion of the port which is exposed outside the body is cut at an arbitrary level. The original length of the port is 1 m. This separation operation to adjust port length can be conducted easily during surgery while checking required length. (b) Two flexible ports of the same diameter can be set in one insertion. In the case of changing the port, the setting can be made by adding the flexible ports of different diameters. (c) Flexible ports whose setting was completed in Figures 4(a) and 4(b). (1) A flexible port that was completely set to the anterior wall of the rectum. (2) Intra-abdominal picture of the first flexible port whose setting was completed. (3) The second flexible port of 5 mm in diameter was inserted. (4) Intra-abdominal picture of the second flexible port whose setting was also completed.