Review Article

The Use of Self-Expanding Plastic Stents in the Management of Oesophageal Leaks and Spontaneous Oesophageal Perforations

Table 1

Summary of the literature regarding Polyflex stents and anastomotic leakage.

ReferenceStudyPatientsLeak siteStentTiming after diagnosisPlacement successImmediate leak occlusion% healingComplicationsOutcome

Gelbmann [15]Case series5OG anastomosisPlastic13–65 days (too unwell for surgery)100%60% 40% leakage80%20% mortality (multiorgan failure) 10% further stent
Hunerbein [16]Stent versus conservative199 stent 10 no stentOG anastomosisPlasticImmediate (2-3 days)100%90%100%NoneStent group: earlier oral intake, shorter hospital stay, and 0% mortality
Langer [17]Case series20OG and OJ anastomosisPlasticImmediate90%85%90%Stent misplacement in 10% increased dehiscence and required surgeryStent migration and dislocation 10%
Schubert [18]Case series12OG anastomosisPlasticImmediate100%92%92%Stent migration 17%All healed One persistent leak closed with endoclip
Repici [19]Case report1OJ anastomosisPlasticDelayed—persistent fistula (39 days)100%100%100%NoneStent removed 3 weeks Well
Dai [7]Case series22OG anastomosisPlasticImmediate (2.5 days)100%95%95%23% migration5% thoracotomy for persistent leak 5% mortality 5% dilatation of anastomotic stricture