Table 3: Impact of increases in high-skilled immigration on selected key macroeconomic indicators (percentage point difference relative to the benchmark scenario).


Real GDP0.
Real GDP per labour supply0.
Real GDP per capita0.0−0.1−0.4−0.8−1.1−1.5
Effective labour supply0.
Effective labour supply per capita0.0−0.1−0.3−0.6−0.6−0.2
Physical capital stock0.
Physical capital stock per capita0.0−0.1−0.4−1.2−2.0−4.2
Capital-labour ratio0.00.0−0.1−0.5−1.2−4.2
Consumption per capita0.0−0.1−0.4−0.9−1.4−1.7
Wage rate—all workers0.00.00.0−0.1−0.2−0.9
Wage rate—high-skilled−0.3−0.8−1.9−3.3−4.9−8.0
Wage rate—medium-skilled0.
Wage rate—low-skilled0.
Skill premium (HS versus MS)−0.4−0.9−2.2−3.9−5.8−8.6
Skill premium (HS versus LS)−0.4−1.0−2.4−4.2−6.2−9.3
Labour income tax rate0.0−0.1−0.1−0.2−0.4−1.5