Table 3: Health care utilization by addictive factor classification.

TotalDD aloneSM aloneCBN aloneDD and SMDD and CBNSM and CBNNo addictive factors

Total no.13 645343412702262581911 885

Total no.12 468294378586252051810 962
Proportiona ( )91.3785.7191.7583.4896.1579.4694.7492.23
Number of visits14.1911.8920.5213.0615.5210.9016.4414.14

Total no.8733444544181718
Proportionb ( )6.409.9110.687.6915.386.985.266.04
Number of visits1.481.382.391.372.251.2241.44

DD: deep drunk; SM: smoking cigarettes; CBN: chewing betel nut.
aThe probability of individuals with outpatient services.
bThe probability of individuals with inpatient services.