Table 6: Baseline assumptions used in the three harvest models.

Corn grain onlyCorn grain and cob
One-pass harvest
Corn grain and stover
Two-pass harvest

Corn price ($/ton)142.86142.86142.86
Cob price ($/ton)55.00
Stover price ($/ton)45.00
Corn production cost ($/ac)356.92356.92356.92
Corn harvest cost ($/ac)28.7157.4328.71
Cob harvest cost ($/ac)19.36
Stover harvest cost ($/ac)33.53
Corn yield (ton/ac)
Cob yield (ton/ac)0.35
Stover yield (ton/ac)0.68
Combine capacity (ac/hr)6.793.396.79
Baler capacity (ac/hr)9.70
Labor capacity for grain harvest (ac/hr)5.435.435.43
Labor capacity for stover harvest (ac/hr)7.76
Total farm acres2,000.002,000.002,000.00