Table 3: Change in commodity prices between baseline and fertilizer tax scenario.

2011*Long run**

Wheat FOB Gulf0.11%0.09%
Corn FOB Gulf0.25%0.14%
Soybean CIF Rotterdam−0.07%−0.05%
Beef Nebraska Direct 0.01%0.01%
Barrow and Gilt, National0.01%0.08%
Broiler U.S. 12-City0.01%0.03%
Anhydrous ethanol, Brazil0.004%0.01%
Ethanol FOB Omaha0.05%0.08%
Biodiesel Central Europe FOB0.00%−0.01%
Biodiesel plant−0.01%−0.02%

2011 is the first year of projection. Long-run equilibrium is imposed in 2023.