Table 1: Variables introduced in the stochastic frontier model.


Dependent variable
Farm incomeFcfa

 Capital Agricultural materials costsFcfa
 Acreage Area under cropsHectare
 Labour Quantity of labourMan-day
 Intermediary inputs Costs of chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers)Fcfa
 Capital2Threshold of agricultural materials investment
 Acreage2Threshold of area under crops
 Labour2Threshold of labour used
 Intermediary inputs2Threshold of chemicals used
 Capital acreageInteraction capital and acreage
 Capital labourInteraction capital and labour
 Capital intermediary inputsInteraction capital and intermediary inputs
 Acreage intermediary inputsInteraction acreage and intermediary inputs
 Acreage labourInteraction acreage and labour
 Labour intermediary inputsInteraction labour and intermediary inputs

 Credit Given amount Fcfa
 Credit acreageInteraction credit and acreage
 Credit capital Interaction credit and capital
 Credit labour Interaction credit and labour
 Credit intermediary inputs Interaction credit and intermediary inputs (pesticides, herbicides, etc.)

Source: authors’ calculations.