Table 1: Comparison of the enzymatic treatments used in the decolorization of RBBR.

Enzymatic treatmentsSourceRBBR (mg·L-1)Temperature (°C)Reaction time (min)Decolorization (%)References

MnP and laccaseIrpex lacteus150288640100[8]
LaccaseGanoderma lucidum 50 60120090 [7]
Laccase + HBT12092
Ligninolytic enzymesLitter-decomposing fungi100254032080–98[21]
Enzymatic complexFunalia trogii1003060090[33]

Plant peroxidase (HRP)Armoracia rusticana 120 356097Present work

RBBR: Drimarene Blue CL-R; MnP: manganese peroxidase; HBT: N-hydroxybenzotriazole; HRP: horseradish peroxidase.