Research Article

Optimal Conditions for Continuous Immobilization of Pseudozyma hubeiensis (Strain HB85A) Lipase by Adsorption in a Packed-Bed Reactor by Response Surface Methodology

Figure 3

Contour diagrams for immobilized lipase activity (a) as a function of pH and enzyme/support ratio, (b) as a function of pH and time, and (c) as a function of enzyme/support ratio and time according to the first experimental design. The support was pretreated with buffer solutions (pH 1.0 to 9.0). FLCS (1–1999 U/g of support) was circulated in the column (1 min to 300 min at 25°C). After removal of unbounded lipase, the column was washed three times with 2.5 mL of buffer solution per g of support before activity measurements.