Table 2: Purification of the PAL enzyme from Trichosporon cutaneum a.

MethodTotal activityb (U)Total protein (mg)Specific activity (U/mg)Purification fold Yield (%)

Anion exchange
 Crude 100
 Post 49.620
Acid precipitation
 Crude 100
 Post 1.394
Aqueous two-phasec
 Crude 100
 PEG/Na2SO4 1.528
 PEG/(NH4)2SO4 0.528
 PEG/ Na2CO3 0.114

aResults are the average ± range of two independent trials. Crude samples are cell culture extracts obtained from a PD-10 column. b1 U of activity = 1  moL of released tran-cinnamic acid per min. cFor aqueous two-phase partitioning, the same crude enzyme extraction was used for each of the PEG/salt systems.