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Overexpression of Soluble Recombinant Human Lysyl Oxidase by Using Solubility Tags: Effects on Activity and Solubility

Table 1

Listing of primers used for isolating the LOX gene. Each primer introduced a different restriction site at the 5′-end in order to insert the resulting PCR product into the corresponding vector in the correct orientation. The reverse primer (MLOXR) was the same for all PCR reactions.

Primer namePrimer sequenceRestriction site

Trx tag (pLOX06 forward primer)5′-AAGGGGTGGCCAGGACGACCCTTACAACCCCTAC-3′MscI at 5′-end
LOX tag (pLOX09 forward primer)5′-AAGGGGCCCGGGACGACCCTTACAACCCC-3′SmaI at 5′-end
MLOXR (reverse primer for all constructs)5′-AAGGGGCTCGAGATACGGTGAAATTGTGCAGCC-3′XhoI at 3′-end