Figure 1: The proboscipedia phenotype. In both panels the ventral side is on the left. Panel (A) is wild type mouthparts. The mp bracket indicates the distal maxillary palp and the ms bracket indicates the proximal maxillary socket. The insert at the bottom left is a close-up of the portion of the maxillary socket with three proximal palpus bristles indicated by the arrows. Panel (B) is a pb27/pb20 transformed mouthpart with the reduced distal maxillary palp (mp) and reduced proximal maxillary socket (ms) indicated with brackets. The arrowheads indicate the lancinia in both panels. The inserts on the top left of each panel show the long tricombs found on the maxillary socket of wild type (panel A) and the short tricombs found on the maxillary socket of pb mutants (panel B).