Table 1: HLA associations in autoimmune hepatitis.

HLA Association (Reference)Ethnicity/CommentsAIH TypeNumber of patients studiedPatientsControls

HLA-DRB1 0401 [15](i) European and North American Increases susceptibility to AIH Type I in Caucasians
(ii) HLA-DR3 associated with younger age at presentation, diminished response to therapy and more frequent liver failure requiring liver transplantation as compared to HLA-DR4
HLA-DRB3 0101 [15]European and North AmericanI11958%25%
HLA-DRB1 0404 [16]MexicanI3036.7%7.4%
HLA-DRB1 0405 [17]Japanese4967.3%29.6%
HLA-DRB1 07 [18]BrazilII2868%20%
HLA-B14 [19]GermanyII1926%4%