Table 3: Indications for treatment of autoimmune hepatitis.


ClinicalIncapacitating symptomsSymptoms
(Fatigue, arthralgia, Jaundice, Abdominal Pain)

LaboratoryAST ≥ 10 fold ULN
AST ≥ 5 fold ULN and
HG ≥ 2 fold ULN
AST or HG less than absolute criteriaNormal or near normal AST and γ Globulins

HistologyBridging necrosis or Multiacinar necrosis on HistologyInterface hepatitisInactive cirrhosis or mild portal hepatitis

Relative Contraindications to immunosuppressant therapy-Osteopenia, Emotional Lability, Hypertension, Diabetes, Mild Cytopenia
Absolute Contraindications to Azathioprine or Prednisone-Vertebral compression, Psychosis, Uncontrolled hypertension, Brittle Diabetes, Severe Cytopenia (WBC count < 2.5 × 109/L, Platelet count < 50 × 109/L), Complete deficiency of Thiopurine methyl-transferase enzyme, Known intolerance to prednisone or azathioprine
AST-Aspartate aminotransferase HG-Hypergammaglobulinemia ULN-Upper limit of normal.