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HPB Surgery
Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 253-255

Gall-Bladder Agenesis and Associated Anomalies

1Registrar, Department of Surgery, Central Middlesex Hospital, London NW10, UK
2Consultant Surgeon, Hillingdon Hospital, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UK
3Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Surgeon, Academic Surgical Unit, St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, London W2, UK

Received 1 April 1994

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Congenital absence of the gall-bladder is a rare condition. It is sometimes associated with other congenital defects. We report here two cases of gall-bladder agenesis discovered at laparoscopy. Both had a history of skeletal and cardiovascular anomalies. The investigation of patients with absent gall-bladder can be very difficult. Ultrasound scanning is usually inconclusive and further noninvasive tests should be performed to establish the diagnosis and prevent an unnecessary operation. The presence of other congenital defects should alert the clinician to the possibility of gall-bladder agenesis.