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HPB Surgery
Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 133-136

Subtotal Cholecystectomy

A'Prop. Surg. Clinic, Department of Medicine, Aristotles University of Thessaloniki AHEPA Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece

Received 30 June 1993

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Subtotal cholecystectomy has been carried out in 34 patients from 1972 to 1992. In the same period 1620 total cholecystectomies were performed. The indications were severe inflammation and/or severe fibrosis in 31 patients, and Mirizzi syndrome type in 3 patients. The morbidity was insignificant, but one patient died, due to severe sepsis. In follow up studies ranging from 6 months to 9 years, there was one patient with retained stones in the common bile duct. No other post cholecystectomy sequelae were noticed in the remaining 32 patients. Subtotal cholecystectomy is a safe, feasible and definitive operation in patients for whom the standard operation could be dangerous. This operation is less burdensome to the patient, and is accompanied by fewer complications than ordinary cholecystostomy.