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HPB Surgery
Volume 9, Issue 4, Pages 219-221

Monocyte and Blood Interleukin-12 Levels Patients with Obstructive Jaundice

University Department of Surgery, University of Wales College of Medicine, Heath Park, Cardiff CF4 4XN, UK

Received 26 April 1994

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Patients with obstructive jaundice have an increased incidence of peri-operative complications and immune dysfunction. This study was to investigate interleukin (IL)-12 (a cellular immunity stimulant), levels in jaundiced patients. 23 jaundiced patients and 17 controls were studied. There was significantly increased monocyte IL-12 production in jaundice, as measured by an ELISA, compared with that in controls (p<0.01 by Mann-Whitney U test). A similar increase is seen in both benign and malignant jaundice. There was no difference between plasma IL-12 levels in the two groups. It is concluded that in jaundice, monocytes have a significantly increased capacity to release IL-12. This suggests that IL-12 may play a role in the immune dysfunction in jaundiced patients.