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Research Article

The Changing Presentation of Choledochal Cyst Disease: An Incidental Diagnosis

Table 1

Demographic information of all patients including age, gender, presentation, type of cyst, operation, and presence of malignancy on initial pathology.

PatientAgeSexCyst type (Todani)PresentationOperationMalignancy at operation

124FIIncidentalRoux-en-y hepatico No
224FIVIncidentalR lobectomy, hepatico JNo
349FIAbdominal painRoux-en-y-hepatico JNo
441FVIncidentalR lobectomyNo
562FIIncidentalRoux-en-y-hepatico JNo
619FIAbdominal painRoux-en-y-hepatico JNo
717FIIncidentalRoux-en-y hepatico JNo
841FIJaundiceRoux-en-y-hepatico JNo
922FIAbdominal pain/ pancreatitisRoux-en-y-hepatico JNo
1017FIPancreatitisRoux-en-y-hepatico JNo
1144FIIIAbdominal pain (post cholecystectomy)WhippleNo
1268MIIBiliary sepsisLaparoscopic cholecystectomyYes
1386MVBiliary sepsisL lobectomy, removal impacted stoneNo
1465MIBiliary sepsisRoux-en-y-hepatico JNo

a: hepaticojejunostomy; b: hepatocellular carcinoma.