Figure 3: Segment 1 adenoma in gadolinium-enhanced MRI (contrast medium: gadoxetic acid; disodium salt (Primovist, Eurokontrast GmbH, Heidelberg), scanner: GE Signa HDxt 1,5T (General Electric Company, USA)): hyperintens. in T1 FS arterial contrast phase (upper left): (T1 LAVA FS dynamic FA80, TR 185 TE 4,2), partial equilibration to liver isointensity in T1 FS late portal-venous phase (upper right): (T1 FSPGR FS FA12, TR 4,24 TE 2,04, TI 7), slight hyperintensity on T2 FS (lower left): (T2 FRFSE FS FA 90 TR 2500 TE 94,16), and isointensity in unenhanced T1 fat sat. (lower right): (T1 LAVA FS dynamic FA80, TR 185 TE 4,2).