Table 4: Cause of death.

VariableReoperation for bleedingControl group

Number of deaths28 (27.7%)137 (16.5%)
Cause of deatha
 Cardiac disease3.6%10.2%
 Recurrent HCV21.4%9.5%
Death prior to discharge4.95%2.54%
Death within 12 months of LTx15.84%7.78%

aProportions for cause of death are calculated on the subset of 165 individuals (137 with no hemorrhage, 28 with hemorrhage) that died within 60 months of transplant. All other proportions are based on total sample size.
bOther causes of death include chronic rejection, cerebrovascular accident, gastrointestinal bleeding, chronic renal failure, graft versus host disease, suicide, and recurrent Budd-Chiari syndrome.
HCV: hepatitis c virus; LTx: liver transplantation.