Table 1: Technical specifications for the first NetCeiver HW implementation.

Tuners 6 TS inputs (each up to 9 MByte/s)

CAMs 2 (2 TS in, 2 TS out)
Network RTL8169 Gigabit Ethernet
Internal clocks 66 MHz, except 33 MHz PCI, 132 MHz DDR & TS matrix
Memory 64 MB DDR-DRAM, 128 MB Flash
Power consumption 4–6 W (excl. tuners and CAMs)
OS uCLinux
Boot time Approx. 25s (depending on tuners)
Dimensions Approx. 28 cm*12 cm (16 cm*12 cm w/o CAMs)
Height 8 cm (incl. network and tuner cards)
PCB 4 layer
Component cost 50 (at mid volume quantities, excl. tuners)