Research Article

Noncompetitive Gametic Isolation between Sibling Species of Cricket: A Hypothesized Link between Within-Population Incompatibility and Reproductive Isolation between Species

Figure 2

Patterns of variation and an RNAi experiment on protein F. (a) The abundance of protein F in the female reproductive tract following either a conpopulation (top) or heterospecific (bottom) copulation. (b) The measured relative abundance of protein F relative to patterns of egg laying for conpopulation and heterospecific copulations. (c) A gel showing that RNAi can knock down the abundance of AsocCSP1 (a.k.a. protein F). (d) An RNAi experiment showing patterns of egg laying in conspecific and heterospecific matings.
(a) Spermathecas from conpopulation and heterospecific matings
(b) Relationships between eggs laid and abundance of a protein
(c) Knockdown of AsocCSP1 protein in the spermatheca of virgin females via RNAi
(d) Egg laying from females injected with either saline or dsRNA