Research Article

Noncompetitive Gametic Isolation between Sibling Species of Cricket: A Hypothesized Link between Within-Population Incompatibility and Reproductive Isolation between Species

Table 1

Con- and heterospecific mating crosses.

Male  population
ComparisonFemale speciesFemale populationConspecific matingHeterospecific matingStatistics
Male Number of eggs laid (SD)Male Number of eggs laid (SD)Percentage of reduction -test

1A. socius AR30TX19814116.1 (94.0)TXIV6191.4 (3.6)98.85.19<0.0001
2A. socius TX30/146SC95/17220143.6 (61.6)TXIII22235.7 (53.1)75.16.11<0.0001
3A. socius TX198TX30/146970.6 (41.1)TXIII22813.5 (19.2)80.95.74<0.0001
4A. sp. nov. TexTXIII2TXIV622142.4 (63.1)TX1984858.5 (41.0)58.96.66<0.0001
5A. sp. nov. TexTXIII3TXIII22589.5 (68.2)TX30/1461743.4 (43.2)51.52.470.0091
6A. sp. nov. TexTXIV6TXIII31481.4 (74.8)AR301639.4 (38.0)51.61.970.0293