International Journal of Evolutionary Biology / 2012 / Article / Fig 6

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Genetic Innovation in Vertebrates: Gypsy Integrase Genes and Other Genes Derived from Transposable Elements

Figure 6

qPCR expression analysis of GIN2 in zebrafish and platyfish. (a) Expression pattern of GIN2 during embryonic development in zebrafish. (b) Expression pattern of GIN2 in adult organs of zebrafish. (c) Expression pattern of GIN2 in adult organs of platyfish. Multiple RNA extractions using different individuals were performed leading to independent sets of cDNA. Two independent sets and three independent sets of cDNA were tested for embryonic stages and adult organs, respectively. For all sets and for each sample of cDNA, qPCR reaction was done three times (triplicate). One representative experiment is shown with blue bars for male samples and red bars for female samples. GIN2 expression was normalized using three housekeeping genes: RPL7, beta-actin and EF1-alpha. Analyses were done using the ΔΔCt method [55]. mRNA extractions were done using Trizol and reverse transcription steps were carried out using Fermentas kit. Finally, qPCR was performed using a Bio-Rad kit at the following step: 40 cycles of 94°C and 55°C. Primer sequences are available upon request.