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Indian Craniometric Variability and Affinities

Table 8

Comparisons between Indians and Worldwide Series on Average Indices (Males)a.

IndexIndians’ variabilitySimilaritiesDissimilarities

CranialNarrowAfrica, Eskimos, Southwest Pacific, VeddasAmerindians, Andamans, Buriats, East Asia, and Europe
Vault length-heightWidePolynesia/Micronesia, VeddasBushmen
Frontal curvatureNarrowAinuAmerindians, Bushmen, Polynesia/Micronesia, and Southwest Pacific
Parietal curvatureWideEgypt, Europe, VeddasBushmen
Occipital curvatureWideAinu, East AsiaBuriats, Bushmen
GnathicModerateEgypt, Europe, Polynesia/Micronesia, VeddasAfrica, Southwest Pacific
Posterior craniofacialNarrowEuropeAfrica, Amerindians, Buriats, Bushmen, Eskimos, Polynesia/Micronesia, and Southwest Pacific
Transverse craniofacialNarrowAfrica, AinuAndamans, Buriats, Bushmen, Egypt, Eskimos, and Europe
Upper facialModerateAmerindians, East Asia, EuropeBushmen, Egypt, Southwest Pacific, and Veddas
Bizygomatic-bimaxillaryModerateBushmen, VeddasAinu, Europe, Southwest Pacific, and Polynesia/Micronesia
NasalNarrowEast Asia, Polynesia/MicronesiaAfrica, Bushmen, Egypt, Eskimos, Europe, and Southwest Pacific
OrbitalWideAinu, Bushmen, Europe, Southwest PacificAmerindians, Andamans, and Polynesia/Micronesia
Frontal flatnessWideNoneAll except Veddas and Egypt
Orbital flatnessWideNone (Vedda comparison unavailable)All except Veddas (comparison unavailable)
Maxillary flatnessModerateAndamans, Egypt, Veddas Ainu, Buriats, Bushmen, East Asia, and Eskimos
NasodacryalWideAmerindians, Egypt, Eskimos, Europe (Vedda comparison unavailable)Africa, Buriats, Bushmen, and East Asia
SimoticWideAmerindians, EuropeAfrica, Andamans, Buriats, Bushmen, East Asia, and Southwest Pacific

“Africa” and “East Asia” in this table respectively correspond to “other Africa” and “other East Asia” in Figures 35.

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