Table 2: Method used to convert electricity consumption to C O 2 emission and hectares based on three different data sources and two different absorption factors.

(1) Spread sheet for CEF version 1 (Doménech, 2006)(2) Direct conversion with LCA (*) (Álvarez et al. 2008)(3) GHG inventories 1990–2004

Electricity obtained from a coal fired power station

Assumed electric consumption as an example1 GWh (12,000 Gj)1 GWh (12,000 Gj)1 GWh (12,000 Gj)
Emission factor0.026 tC/Gj (1)1006  𝑡 C O 2 /GWh (1)0.0973  𝑡 C O 2 /Gj (2)
𝑡 carbon emitted312274.4318.4
𝑡 C O 2 emitted1,144.010061,167.6

Conversion to hectares (5.20  𝑡 C O 2 /ha/year) & “energy productivity”220 ha/year193.5 ha/year224.5 ha/year
54.6 Gj/ha/year53.4 Gj/ha/year

Conversion to hectares (3.66  𝑡 C O 2 /ha/year) & “energy productivity”312.6 ha/year274.9 ha/year319.0 ha/year
38.5 Gj/ha/year37.6 Gj/ha/year

Electricity obtained from a power station fired by liquid fossil fuels

Electricity consumption1 GWh (12,000 Gj)1 GWh (12,000 Gj)1 GWh (12,000 Gj)
Emission factor0.020 tC/Gj (3)742  𝑡 C O 2 /GWh (4)0.076  𝑡 C O 2 /Gj (4)
𝑡 carbon emitted240202.4248.7
𝑡 C O 2 emitted880742912

Conversion to hectares (5.20  𝑡 C O 2 /ha/year) & “energy productivity”169.2 ha/year142.7 ha/year175.4 ha/year
71 Gj/ha/year68.6 Gj/ha/year

Conversion to hectares (3.66  𝑡 C O 2 /ha/year) & “energy productivity”240.4 ha/year202.7 ha/year249.7 ha/year
50 Gj/ha/year48.3 Gj/ha/year

Electricity obtained from a gas fired power station

Electricity consumption1 GWh (12,000 Gj)1 GWh (12,000 Gj)1 GWh (12,000 Gj)
Emission factor0.0153 tC/Gj466  𝑡 C O 2 /GWh0.056  𝑡 C O 2 /Gj
𝑡 carbon emitted183.6127.1183.3
𝑡 C O 2 emitted673.2466672

Conversion to hectares (5.20  𝑡 C O 2 /ha/year) & “energy productivity”129.5 ha/year89.6 ha/year129.2 ha/year
92.8 Gj/ha/year92.8 Gj/ha/year

Conversion to hectares (3.66  𝑡 C O 2 /ha/year) & “energy productivity”183.9 ha/year127.3 ha/year183.6 ha/year
65.4 Gj/ha/year65.4 Gj/ha/year

(*) Life cycle assessment.(1) Referred to coal in general (includes several times); (2) anthracite; (3) fuel oil and gas-oil; (4) fuel oil.Source: own preparation.