International Journal of Ecology / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Modeling Impacts of Climate Change on Giant Panda Habitat

Table 1

Bioclim variables and their percent contribution and percent permutation importance reported by Maxent. Variables are in order of highest to lowest permutation importance.

VariableDescriptionPermutation importance (%)Variable contribution (%)

Bio10Mean temperature of warmest quarter19.636.4
Bio15Precipitation seasonality (coefficient of variation)18.09.7
Bio7Temperature Annual Range (Bio5-Bio6)9.55.7
Bio12Annual Precipitation8.32.9
Bio4Temperature seasonality (standard deviation *100)8.06.1
Bio6Min temperature of coldest month7.617.1
Bio3Temperature change/no change (Bio2/Bio7) (*100)6.54.6
Bio11Mean temperature of coldest quarter5.01.6
Bio2Mean diurnal range (mean of monthly (maximum–minimum temperature)4.65.1
Bio17Precipitation of driest quarter2.86.2
Bio14Precipitation of driest month2.80.2
Bio18Precipitation of warmest quarter1.70.7
Bio9Mean temperature of driest quarter1.50.2
Bio1Annual mean temperature1.40.1
SlopeAngle of slope1.20.5
AspectDirection of slope0.80.8
Bio8Mean temperature of wettest quarter0.50.1
Bio5Max temperature of warmest month0.11.9
Bio13Precipitation of wettest month0.10.2
Bio19Precipitation of coldest quarter0.00.0
Bio16Precipitation of wettest quarter0.00.0