Table 1: The mean proportion of grazed shoots in mid-August in two grazing regimes (continuous stocking May-September and late grazing mid-July to September), at two sites (Harpsund and Pustnäs), over two years, 2001 and 2002. plots per grazing regime in Harpsund and in Pustnäs.

YearSiteGrazing regimeMean proportion of grazed shoots (S.E.)

2001HarpsundContinuous0.83 (0.033)
Late0.71 (0.050)
PustnäsContinuous0.98 (0.009)
Late0.82 (0.036)
2002HarpsundContinuous0.40 (0.022)
Late0.46 (0.055)
PustnäsContinuous0.46 (0.018)
Late0.49 (0.019)