Table 1: Locations of populations (see also Figure 1) and hosts associated with the seven populations studied.


L. idasLeek Springs (LS)38°38′8 N/120°14′25 WLupinus polyphyllus
Yuba Gap (YG)39°19′24 N/120°35′60 WLotus nevadensis
Hybrid speciesCarson Pass (CP)38°42′28 N/120°0′28 WAstragalus whitneyi
Mt. Rose (MR)39°19′21 N/119°55′47 WAstragalus whitneyi
L. melissaWashoe Lake (WL)39°13′59 N/119°46′46 WAstragalus canadensis
Beckwourth Pass (BP)39°46′55 N/120°4′23 WAstragalus canadensis and Medicago sativa
Goose Lake (GLA)41°59′9 N/120°17′32 WMedicago sativa