Table 2: Details of animal deaths attributed to dingoes during the experiment. Evidence for dingo attack in bold. M: Male, F: Female.

Animal Dingo distance (m) from fox/cat during death periodAt carcass hours after deathDistance from closest dingo at fix preceding killBoth dingoes together prior to killDingo tracks at death siteCarcass draggedSaliva on carcassAutopsy confirmed dingo attackFox/cat movement in 2 hours prior to death (m)


Fox 31114120022–14, 22–24, 64, 96–98, 122–130 (M)2014YesYesn/a100
Fox 32<10470,68048 (M)YesYesYesYes
Fox 33900 den<104.5–6.5 (F)3000NoYesn/a218,230
Fox 34<10<102–161 (MF)2124YesYesn/a843
Fox 35<10<1020–22 (MF)1703YesYesn/a2833
Fox 36<10<1021 (F)1668YesYesYesYes1662
Fox 37110110 1YesYesYesYes
Cat 213446 den<102,12,14,16 (F)1885NoYesn/a574
Cat 22b4878 den<102–6 (F)2300Non/a
Cat 2365070026 (M)800Yesn/a270,670
Cat 25b2001303–5 (M) 14–18 (F)1726YesYesYesn/a1609
Cat 283001602-4,12,24 1(M) 2–4 (F)1886YesYesYesYes949

1Body removed within 12–24 hours of death.
2Female collar failed to record 5 fixes during death period.