Table 2: Environmental factors determining the genetic structure of populations. (a) Sum of posterior probabilities of models including a given factor. (b) Posterior probability of the 8 models considered. The best model is indicated in bold. (c) Estimates of the regression parameters for the best model (mean value and lower and upper limits of the 95% highest probability density interval are indicated).

Lineage transectHabitat transectCombined transect

Connectivity (G1)0.0690.1070.081
Environment (G2)0.0700.1840.458
Lineage/habitat (G3)0.0790.2280.572

Constant, G10.0570.0670.012
Constant, G20.0580.1340.319
Constant, G30.0060.1750.431
Constant, G1, G20.0670.0170.029
Constant, G1, G30.0060.0200.031
Constant, G2, G30.0060.0300.100
Constant, G1, G2, G30.0010.0030.010