Table 4: Generalized dissimilarity modeling results. Shown are the percentages of the total variation observed and important predictor variables for “80–20” and “90–10” criteria for full models (using both geographic distance and environmental variables), models with environmental variables only, models with geographic distance only, and random models.

Model% variance explainedVariables selected*

80–20 full63.9dist, Bio12, Bio10, elevation, Bio18
80–20 environment only57.4Bio16, elevation, Bio12, Bio10
80–20 distance only39.9dist
80–20 random env0.6
90–10 full58.9dist, Bio18, Bio10, elevation, Bio12
90–10 environment only53.4elevation, Bio18, Bio10, Bio12
90–10 distance only38.8Dist
90–10 random env0.4

*Variables are shown in order of decreasing importance (Figure 3); dist: geographic distance; for an explanation of the bioclimatic variables, see Table 3.