Table 2: Example of species value and biomass ranking applied to part of the coleoptera sample data. Calculation of species value and biomass ranking was completed for all invertebrate species collected, of which a sample of the Coleoptera is shown here. This data was then used to ascertain the diversity of the reed-bed sites.

OrderTaxonTotal no. rec.Total UK 10 km grid squares Total UK ranking valueBiomass (length in mm)

ColeopteraPterostichus niger14930317.5
Pterostichus nigrita19401012.5
Pterostichus strenuus1099436.0
Pterostichus vernalis245746.8
Stenolophus mixtus125745.3
Altica lythri87955.0
Aphthona euphorbiae29854.0
Chaetocnema hortensis1135101.9

Source data NBN Gateway, correct as of 30 03 07.