Table 1: Site and vegetation input parameters for Biome-BGC model. Type site refers to physical characteristics of the site, whereas type vegetation refers to ecophysiological constants with description of the vegetation type to be simulated. The units specified as dim indicate dimensionless. Model predictions are most sensitive to parameters indicated in bold.

No.TypeParameter descriptionSymbolUnits

(1)SiteAtmospheric CO2 concentrationCO2ppm
(2)SiteEffective soil depth (corrected for rock fraction) m
(3)SiteSoil texture: sand percentage by volumeSand%
(4)SiteSoil texture: silt percentage by volumeSilt%
(5)SiteSoil texture: clay percentage by volumeClay%
(6)SiteSite elevationElevm
(7)SiteSite latitudeLatdegrees
(8)SiteSite shortwave albedoAlbdim
(9)SiteWet and dry atmospheric deposition of NN depkgN/m2/yr
(10)SiteSymbiotic and asymbiotic fixation of NN fixkgN/m2/yr
(11)Veg.Woody or nonwoodyWflag
(12)Veg.Evergreen or deciduousEflag
(13)Veg.C3 PSN or C4 PSNGflag
(14)Veg.Model/user-specified phenologyPhflag
(15)Veg.Yearday to start new growthNewGyday
(16)Veg.Yearday to end litterfallEndLyday
(17)Veg.Transfer growth period as fraction of growing season prop
(18)Veg.Litterfall as fraction of growing season prop
(19)Veg.Annual leaf and fine root turnover fraction 1/year
(20)Veg.Annual live wood turnover fraction 1/year
(21)Veg.Annual whole-plant mortality fraction 1/year
(22)Veg.Annual fire mortality fraction 1/year
(23)Veg.New fine root C : new leaf CFRC:LC dim
(24)Veg.New stem C : new leaf CSC:LC dim
(25)Veg.New live wood C : new total wood CLWC:TWC dim
(26)Veg.New root C : new stem CCRC:SC dim
(27)Veg.Current growth proportionCGprop
(28)Veg.C : N of leavesC : N leafkgC/kgN
(29)Veg.C : N of leaf litter, after translocationC : N litkgC/kgN
(30)Veg.C : N of fine rootsC: N frkgC/kgN
(31)Veg.C : N of live woodC : N lwkgC/kgN
(32)Veg.C : N of dead woodC : N dwkgC/kgN
(33)Veg.Leaf litter labile proportionFR labprop
(34)Veg.Leaf litter cellulose proportionFR celprop
(35)Veg.Leaf litter lignin proportionFR ligprop
(36)Veg.Fine root labile proportionL labprop
(37)Veg.Fine root cellulose proportionL celprop
(38)Veg.Fine root lignin proportionL ligprop
(39)Veg.Dead wood cellulose proportionDW celprop
(40)Veg.Dead wood lignin proportionDW ligprop
(41)Veg.Canopy water interception coefficientW int1/LAI/d
(42)Veg.Canopy light extinction coefficient dim
(43)Veg.All sided to projected leaf area rationLAI all:projdim
(44)Veg.Canopy average SLASLAM2/kgC
(45)Veg.Shaded SLA in shaded to sunlit SLA rationSLA shd:sundim
(46)Veg.Fraction of leaf N in rubiscoNRprop
(47)Veg.Maximum stomatal conductance m/s
(48)Veg.Leaf cuticular conductance m/s
(49)Veg.Leaf boundary layer conductance m/s
(50)Veg.Leaf WP—start of conductance reductionLWPiMPa
(51)Veg.Leaf WP—completion of conductance reductionLWPfMPa
(52)Veg.VPD—start of conductance reductionVPDiPa
(53)Veg.VPD—completion of conductance reductionVPDfPa