Table 1: Generalized linear mixed model results for (I) ecotype and (II) covariate models testing for effects of male ecotype (meco), female ecotype (feco), and relevant covariates on head up, nest inspection, and nest entry. Mid stands for male identity. Covariates included in the initial full models were (a) display and RSD, (b) display and RSD, (c) aggression and ASD, or (d) aggression and ASD. Ecotype model and final (reduced model) AICc are given to allow inference of relative support of different models, whereby lower (difference >2) is better [59]. See Table 3 for covariate slopes. Significant effects are highlighted in bold and marginally significant ( ) in italics.

Female response
Model typeHead upNest inspectionNest entry

(I) Ecotype models
  Source AICc130.79144.12135.12
  Random . . .
  Mid (meco)
  Fixed ndfddfFPddfFPddfFP
  Meco × Feco4620.190.943620.190.942630.650.630

(II) Covariate models
 (a) Display and RSD
  Random . . .
  Mid (meco)

 (b) Display and ASD
  Source AICc103.53Same final model as in aSame final model as in a
  Random .
  Mid (meco)
  Fixed ndfddfFP

(c)Aggression and RSD
  Source AICc109.80122.36109.46
 Random . . .
  Mid (meco)
  Fixed ndfddfFPddfFPddfFP
  Feco × Aggr.633.110.051

 (d) Aggression and RSD
In all cases same final models as in c