Review Article

A Place to Call Home: Amphibian Use of Created and Restored Wetlands

Table 1

Summary information for 37 peer-reviewed articles investigating amphibian use of created and restored wetlands.

AuthorLocationWetland typeUpland habitat1Reference comparison

Babbitt and Tanner [69]Florida, USACreatedGrazingNone
Baker and Halliday [68]BritainCreatedAgricultureControls
Balcombe et al. [29]West Virginia, USACreated and restoredVariousControls
Beebee [76]BritainRestoredGrazingHistoric survey
Bowers et al. [95]South Carolina, USARestoredForestControls
Brand and Snodgrass [88]Maryland, USACreatedForest and suburbanControls
Chovanec et al. [70]AustriaRestoredVariousControls
Colding et al. [96]SwedenCreatedGolf courseControls
Cunningham et al. [78]Maine, USACreated2ForestControls
Dietsch et al. [138]South Carolina, USARestoredOld fieldNone
Fuller et al. [79]California, USACreatedVariousControls
Galán [92]SpainCreatedForestControls
Henning and Schirato [91] Washington, USACreated and restoredGrasslandControls
Joly and Grolet [75]FranceCreatedForest and grasslandNone
Julian et al. [72]Delaware, USACreatedForestControls
Juni and Berry [139]South Dakota, USACreated and restoredGrasslandControls
Lee et al. [97]TaiwanRestoredForestControls
Lehtinen and Galatowitsch [94] Minnesota, USARestoredAgriculture and urbanControls
Lesbarrères et al. [89]FranceCreatedAgricultureHistoric survey
Mazerolle et al. [103]CanadaRestoredPeatlandControls
Mierzwa [100]Illinois, USARestoredAgricultureControls
Monello and Wright [41]Idaho, USACreatedAgricultureNone
Nedland et al. [104]Wisconsin, USARestoredAgricultureHistoric survey
Palis [105]Illinois, USACreatedAgricultureNone
Pearl and Bowerman [140]Oregon, USACreatedForestNone
Pechmann et al. [90]South Carolina, USACreatedForestControls
Petranka and Holbrook [60]North Carolina, USACreatedForestNone
Petranka et al. [86]North Carolina, USACreatedForestControls
Petranka et al. [98]North Carolina, USACreatedForestControls
Petranka et al. [73]North Carolina, USACreatedForestControls
Porej and Hetherington [71]Ohio, USACreatedAgricultureNone
Rannap et al. [77]EstoniaCreated and restoredVariousControls
Shulse et al. [74]Missouri, USACreatedVariousNone
Simon et al. [87]Maryland, USACreatedUrbanNone
Stevens et al. [93]CanadaRestoredVariousControls
Touré and Middendorf [114]Maryland, USACreatedForestControls
Vasconcelos and Calhoun [50]Maine, USACreatedForestNone

1Primary upland habitat listed when applicable
2Created by American beavers (Castor canadensis).