Table 1: Results from stepwise multiple regressions with the biodiversity index and species richness of different organism groups as dependent variables. -values are presented both for the full models ( -model) and single independent variables ( var). values and -values are presented for the full models. The direction of the effect is indicated by the +/− column.

Dependent variableModel -model -modelIndependent variable+/− -var

Biodiversity index0.5497.900.0057(1) Crop density0.0100
(2) Interest in nature+0.0293
Weed richness0.58119.440.0006(1) Crop density0.0006
Carabid richness0.5598.230.0049(1) Interest in nature+0.0111
(2) Crop density+0.0121
Solitary bee richness0.2444.520.0517(1) Interest in nature+0.0517
Bumblebee richnessN.S
Bird richnessN.S