Table 3: Parts of the matrix used to classify farmers’ interest in nature. Here are examples from three farmers representing the three classes of interest in nature and their quotes for 8 of 11 subject areas.

Interest in 122.9

Species knowledgeI am rather poor in birds.Well, it could have been much better. That I can tell you.When showing the inventory result the farmer miss Lapwing, Crane, Common Gull, Barn Swallow, Nuthatch, Starling, White Wagtail and Bullfinch.

Nature and species narrativesGoing to the forest to pick mushrooms, I like… I enjoy that. As a farmer you are still in the hands of nature that is unavoidable. Sure, you can go in and steer and think that this and that I can manage with this and that but there will be a set back if you are too though.When the wood anemones sits there in their most beautiful shade. I find that amazing. I think that's the best nature experience I can… Birch hills you enter and it is completely white, that is wonderful.

Ecological knowledgeThat there is so many different. For me a bumblebee is a bumblebee… there is so many species (He explains that there can be so many bumblebees and birds due to the river and the hills with trees.)If it can be of any good for something in the ecosystem, sure I can have a spray free zone. That is ok, and I can have it in this extent, it is not of any major problem for me. As soon as we did not harvest (hay) there they disappeared (Cowslip Primula veris). The grass choked them.

Governmental nature conservationThere are some species being in these habitats. (Woodland key habitats, a conservation measure.)I know that there were here someone who found something that was called finnögontröst (Euphrasia rostkoviana spp. fennica) and he thought that was nice. Now, to be honest I do not really remember how it looked like, but of course you could think that if you got a better presentation since it has been a substantial work done so maybe it could be presented to the manager in a nice and simpler way so that you could see and have access to it. The nature reserve, they do not manage it well enough! I think! This area should be a Nature2000 area. I think it is neglected. Before it was always mowed. Cowslips and things are about to disappear. I think it is shameful that they do nature reserve after nature reserve but do not manage them properly.

Farm nature conservationNo, you know I do not have so much we… we have cereal production so I do not have that… the field islands here you cannot do anything with.An oak in the middle of the field is kept and cherished.Nature conservation agreement, yeah. They gave a lousy bid, 13,000 for 50 years. You almost get by as good without that.

Interest in natureNo, not really!Well interested in nature I am, but then to take it down to the species level!Yes I think so. I run orienteering and do cross country skiing.

Definition of nature conservationTo be a bit careful about nature… and… to help nature a little bit maybe.Nature conservation is to take responsibility for the nature we have.That can be anything.

PesticidesNo, I am not a spray maniac so… last year I did not spray everything… I go out and look. You do not just drive out you have to go and look. I do that more or less every evening so I have an eye for if it is needed.In any case for me it is naturally built in that I do not want to use more chemicals than urgently required.I have checked out if it really needs to be sprayed or not.

of eight researchers classification.