Table 3: (a) Fisher’s alpha indices of diversity for each sampling area in each sampling period or combination of periods. (b) Results of Student’s -tests indicating where significant differences occurred and, if so, which area had the larger alpha.

Sampling period(s) Sampling area

February 200720.912.128.616.7
July 200712.79.711.67.7
October 200741.033.636.245.4
February 200820.416.022.717.9
2007 (3 periods)52.638.344.448.0
February 2007 and 200828.218.532.626.4


Sampling period(s) Paired comparisons of sampling areas    
An area name within a cell indicates that its alpha was significantly largera
EP versus EAEP versus WPEP versus WAEA versus WPEA versus WA WP versus WA

February 2007EPWPWPWAWP
July 2007
October 2007WA
February 2008EPWP
2007 (3 periods)EPEPWA
February 2007 and 2008EPWPWAWP

A significant difference at the 0.05, 0.01, and 0.001 probability level, respectively.