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Changes in Allometric Attributes and Biomass of Forests and Woodlands across an Altitudinal and Rainfall Gradient: What Are the Implications of Increasing Seasonality due to Anthropogenic Climate Change?

Table 1

Codes and descriptions of significant variables (%) listed in order of decreasing importance (contribution) from forward selection in canonical correspondence analysis.

CodeName (direction of influence)% contribution% explained (adj)

MaTWaPMax temperature of warmest period (−ve)10.31.0<0.05
PWPPrecipitation of wettest period (+ve)8.00.8<0.05
MeTWaQMean temperature of warmest quarter (−ve)5.60.5<0.05
MeMILQMean moisture index of low quarter (+ve)5.50.5<0.05
LatitudeLatitude (+ve)4.80.5<0.05
AMRAnnual mean radiation (−ve)4.50.4<0.05
MMIWaQMean moisture index of warmest quarter (+ve)2.90.3<0.05
LongitudeLongitude (+ve)2.90.3<0.05
PWeQPrecipitation of wettest quarter (+ve)3.10.3<0.05
AMTAnnual mean temperature (−ve)3.10.3<0.05
HPRHighest period radiation (−ve)2.80.3<0.05
AltAltitude (+ve)2.90.3<0.05
PCQPrecipitation of coldest quarter (+ve)2.60.2<0.05
PSPrecipitation seasonality (+ve)2.60.2<0.05
LPRLowest period radiation (+ve)2.40.2<0.05
PhysiographyPhysiography (−ve)2.40.2<0.05
MISMoisture index seasonality (−ve)2.10.2<0.05
MMICQMean moisture index of cold quarter (+ve)2.50.2<0.05
MDRMean diurnal range (−ve)2.20.2<0.05
DrainageDrainage (−ve)2.00.2<0.05
HPMIHighest period moisture index (+ve)1.70.2<0.05
TARTemperature annual range (−ve)1.80.2<0.05
PDPPrecipitation of driest period (+ve)1.80.2<0.05
APAnnual precipitation (+ve)1.80.2<0.05
RSRadiation seasonality (−ve)1.70.2<0.05
LPMILowest period moisture index (+ve)1.50.1<0.05
RCQRadiation of coldest quarter (+ve)1.40.1<0.05
MTCQMean temperature of coldest quarter (−ve)1.30.1<0.05
RWQRadiation of wettest quarter (−ve)1.20.1<0.05
MeTWeQMean temperature of wettest quarter (−ve)1.40.1<0.05
PDQPrecipitation of driest quarter (+ve)1.10.1<0.05
AMMIAnnual mean moisture index (+ve)1.0<0.1<0.05
MeMIHQMean moisture index of high quarter (+ve)1.0<0.1<0.05
IsothermalityIsothermality (+ve)1.0<0.1<0.05
RWaQRadiation of warmest quarter (−ve)0.9<0.1<0.05
PWaQPrecipitation of warmest quarter (+ve)0.9<0.1<0.05

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