International Journal of Ecology / 2018 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Benthic Macroinvertebrates Diversity as Bioindicator of Water Quality of Some Rivers in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Table 1

Detailed information of sampling stations.

River’s nameSampling stationGeographical positionSurrounding environment

Karang MumusK-100°30.491′S and 117°09.426′EPopulated area, population density: 12,785 people/km2, harbor with motor ship activities, usage of river for bathing, washing, and latrines
K-200°29.073′S and 117°09.064′E
K-300°28.238′S and 117°09.442′E

JembayanJ-100°33.138′S and 117°01.100′EActivity of coal-mining and oil-palm plantation, population density: 66 people/km2
J-200°33.057′S and 117°00.790′E
J-300°33.085′S and 117°00.574′E

PampangP-100°19.927′S and 117°11.555′ENatural habitat, activity of oil-palm plantation,
population density: 397 people/km2
P-200°20.076′S and 117°11.874′E
P-300°19.850′S and 117°11.132′E