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Research Article

Chronic Condition Clusters and Polypharmacy among Adults

Table 1

Weighted percentages of chronic condition clusters by sample characteristics. Medical expenditure panel survey, 2009.

CM onlyMusc. onlyResp. onlyCM and Musc.CM and Resp.Musc. and Resp.CM, Musc, and Resp.

Gender ***
Age in years ***
 75 and older32.99.31.642.
Race/ethnicity ***
 African American42.713.15.626.
Health insurance ***
Poverty status ***
 Near poor31.316.
 Middle income34.019.48.425.
 High income38.121.07.422.
Total visits ***
 1st quartile40.627.312.312.
 2nd quartile41.817.88.921.
 3rd quartile33.917.65.828.
 4th quartile24.017.64.633.24.84.411.3

Note: Based on 10,528 adults alive at the end of 2009, reported having at least one chronic condition (cardio-metabolic, musculoskeletal, or respiratory condition). All analyses accounted for complex survey design of the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. Asterisks represent statistically significant group differences based on chi-square tests. CM: Cardio-metabolic; Musc.: musculoskeletal; Resp.: respiratory.
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